The Wild Tea of the South



Yaupon Holly is an indigenous super-tree that grows wild in the southeastern United states. The leaves and stems of the Yaupon tree are packed with compounds that make this tea a healthy and delicious elixir.



Studies have also shown that Yaupon contains high concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols, as well as beneficial saponins and anti-inflammatory flavonoids.



Our Yaupon leaves are USDA Certified Wild-Picked Organic. Even though we are in the woods, we are very picky about where we pick. We only harvest in wild and remote locations far away from industry & agricultural chemicals, ensuring that you are drinking pure and pristine Yaupon, just as Mother Nature intended.



The combined effect of all-natural caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline enhances alertness and endurance without attacking the central nervous system—this means no jitters and no caffeine crash!



For thousands of years, Native Americans in the Southeastern US prepared a tea-like beverage from the Yaupon leaves that was believed to cleanse both body and mind. This tea went by many names like “Black Drink,” “Big Medicine,” and Asi which means “The Purifier”



Yaupon is North America’s only native source of Caffeine. All of our leaves are wild-picked in the South, roasted and packaged fresh. Unlike Yerba Mate, Coffee, or Green Tea, Yaupon is not shipped thousands of miles from other continents, therefore helping to lower the carbon footprint.

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